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How to unblock websites

Increasingly we are facing censorship in our places of business or schools systems. Social and media networks, sports and entertainment materials and virtually any website that can be considered a distraction from the task at hand can be blocked on the school or office network. Fortunately, it is simple to work around the filters put in place. A proxy can provide an alternate means of connecting with any website from any location.

Using Proxies to Unblock Websites
When a website appears blocked from work or school, it is the back end of the internet at work. Filters are in place within the network to catch and block entire URLs or just websites that fit a certain criteria such as a high percentage of certain keywords, flesh tones in images or any number of other criteria. Once the site is blocked, the IP of the network you’re using won’t allow you to connect no matter how creatively you search for it or click through other sites – that is unless the site you’re clicking through is a web proxy.

Web proxies are third party websites that form a gateway between your current network and any site by provided you with an anonymous IP address. The proxy website is akin to a secret portal – magically connecting you to a site by avoiding the block set in place by your network. Accessing the secret portal is simple as well. All you need is a proxy list, such as ours, and the intent to surf freely.

Using Proxies to Unblock Websites
To unblock a website, you’re actually doing nothing to the site itself, and certainly not tearing down a block. You’re simply accessing it a different way. When you sit down at your office computer and try to pull up MySpace, it’s blocked. Your network has blocked your current IP address from connecting to the social networking site. To get to MySpace, you need only find a new IP address. Any number of web proxies can do exactly that.

Use a website proxy and type in the Myspace URL on the proxy site. You’ll no longer be attempting to connect directly to the site. Instead, you’ll be taking a circuitous route through the proxy’s newly assigned IP address. As the proxy’s IP is not blocked in your company or school network, it has no problems connecting directly, allowing you to connect with friends at your leisure.

A disadvantage of using a proxy to circumvent restricted access at work or school is that many businesses and educational systems are on the lookout for the new proxy websites employees and students are using to bypass blocks. To stay one step ahead of the system, you’ll need a comprehensive and updated list of free proxies to use should one become blocked. Our list of proxies is the ideal solution to the problem.