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Anonymous Surfing - How To?

The internet is getting more sophisticated. In many respects, this is an excellent advancement in that we can find what we need with highly targeted website results and detailed search functions. But the advancements for the end users are only a shadow of the abilities marketers, advertisers and scammers now have for getting your information and using it through the internet.

To the average internet user, the changes are barely noticeable and seem natural. Suddenly advertisements appear directly for your city or town. Ads seem to be exactly the sort of thing you like to search for. The results you get after a web search are ideal – you’re able to buy or visit exactly what you want and it’s easy to find some things you didn’t even realize you wanted without having to shift through numerous results.

Tracking Your IP Address
Behind the scenes those marketers, both legitimate and not, are recording information about you and your surfing and buying habits through your IP address. Your computer’s online address tells other sites where you’re located and through a combination of spyware and history, advertisers can target you specifically based on your past browsing and buying habits. The risks of systems this open are obvious. Thieves and others with malicious intent have an even easier time getting into your system to steal personal information.

Surfing Anonymously Using Proxy Sites
It is possible and even simple to surf the internet anonymously. It is your network’s IP address that gives out so much personal information and sets you up in a vulnerable position online. Finding an alternative IP address makes it impossible to track your true location, especially if you use a proxy network to constantly rotate your IP address.

Proxy websites are third-party systems that give you freedom to surf online without revealing your identity or allowing your online actions to be stored and categorized by websites for future use. Web proxies are websites that provide a protective portal. By connecting to your destination website through the proxy website, you’re able to visit and perform all normal site functions without your home IP address being recorded and stored by the site. Additionally, your connection is less penetrable to those who might be watching your network.

When to Surf Anonymously
Proxy lists can be used to find a proxy for any number of reasons. Among the most common uses for anonymous proxies:

· Connections in hotels, cafes and other unsecured hot spots
· Networks in countries frequently blocked from sites such as China, India and others
· Networks with strong filters such as educational systems and places of business
· Concerns about activities being recorded on a public or commercial system.

Using a paid proxy or taking advantage of free proxy lists such as our gives you an added degree of safety through anonymous surfing.